Red Tiger’s Mafia-Themed Slot: 5 Families

By 10 May 2020

5 Families Slot Review

_Well hello Don Player, sit down and have a drink, and have a look at this beautiful slot over here. We’re talking to you, yes! _

Let’s have a good look at the fantastic 5 families slot title together with some grand mafia tips that will surely help you in your playing!

Developed by Red Tiger Gaming - one of the best software developers for new online slots - the 5 Families slot is one of the online world’s best game, offering stunning graphics, great features, and just a generally incredible game experience. The name of the game leaves little to the imagination, or to anyone familiar with the history of gangsters and mafia since it’s naturally inspired by the “5 families that rule the world”, or at least the five families that were very much involved in the underground politics of New York City, for the better part of the 20th century.

The game takes its inspiration not only from this but from the many pop cultural relics that have become global phenomena such as Scarface, Once Upon a Time in America, The Godfather, Goodfellas, and The Sopranos. Naturally, if you are a fan of any of these movies or series, you will love this game!

5 Families Graphics, Sound and Dynamics

The design of the game is very slick and smooth. The background behind the slot itself is a darkly–lit painting of a lounge, much like any lounge in gangster movies, where they have meetings and where moments get intense and exciting. Against the darker background stand the reels in a shiny silver frame, with the game’s name on top and what looks like a revolver’s cylinder, complementing the aesthetics of the game. We’ll go into the symbols of the reels later on when we talk about the features, but any fan of gangster or mafia movies will notice some familiar faces here and there.

The music seals this whole mood by delivering slow-moving jazz that goes with the rest of the design, but also creates a warm and cozy environment, again, reminiscent of certain moments in these classic movies.

The Best Mafia Tips, The Reels, and the Symbols

Like many other new slots online, the five families slot has 10 fixed paylines and it is made up of 5 reels and 3 rows. All the possible wins here can be achieved by landing three, four, or five matching symbols on any of these 10 pay lines. You also have the option of going head to head with a mobster of the 5 families at the stakes that start at a minimum of 10p per spin and can go as high as £500 per spin! The 5 families’ RTP is 95.71% which is a bit lower than average and is something that should be noted. The slot also has medium variance which will potentially give out wins a bit more frequently than in high volatility slots. The most you can win from one single spin is 1,000x whatever you bet, which can be achieved by filling the reels with the Al Capone look alike which is the highest value symbol.

Speaking of which, the symbols are split between four objects and five different gangster characters. The characters all seem to be taken from different inspirations for the game, but the most obvious reference —after the Al Capone symbol—must be the symbol with the glasses; naturally a reference to the legendary Uncle Junior from the Sopranos.

Depending on whether you have three, four, or five combined symbols on the pay line, each different symbol multiplies your stake by a different number. Let’s have a look at these numbers.

Symbol3 Combined Symbols4 Combined Symbols5 Combined Symbols
Poker Chipsx4x10x20
Moustached Mafia Manx8x30x60
Mafia Man with Toothpickx10x40x80
Mafia Man with Glassesx12x50x100
Card-Playing Mafia Manx15x75x150
Al Capone Mafia Manx20x60x200

The game also offers a turbo mood if you’re in a more exciting and speedy mood to challenge the limits of the grand mafia tips.

Five families Game Features

Unlike many other online new slots, unfortunately, the Five Families slot doesn’t have any bonus rounds or free spins, but it has a cool feature that gets activated in the most original way.

If you land a winning combination a bullet will be added to the chamber of the cylinder that is next to the game’s name on top of the reels. If you spin again and you fail to land a winning combination the bullet will be taken away again, but if on the other hand, you manage to land five wins in a row, filling up the pistol with bullets, you will have managed to access the VIP room feature. Once activated, the VIP room feature multiples the winning combinations by 5. This means that for example, the Al Capone look alike will get you 10 or 100 instead of 2 or 20 x your stake in the game.


The 5 families slot is simply a fantastic game, proving the point that Red Tiger Gaming never disappoints and is truly one of the greatest creators of online slot new games. The delivery of the game, the presentation, the simplicity, but also the engaging element of it, makes the game one of the best new uk slots online! If you’re wondering where you could play this game, have a look at Britain Play, one of the leading online slots new sites, find it, register, and play; we promise you this game will make you an offer you can’t refuse!


Does this game offer a demo version?

Yes, it does! Trying out new free online slots is always fun before you engage in a game, so if you want to check out Five Families before depositing any money, you can definitely learn a thing or two about how it works and also see if it suits your tastes or if you’d rather play another game.

Where can I play the 5 Families slot?

Check out Britain Play where you can try out this slick slot and check out many other new online slots sites and real money games.

Is there a 5 Families mobile slot?

Yes. It is always super convenient to be able to try online new slots whenever you want and wherever you are, and so even with 5 Families, you can join these gangsters in their private lounge through all devices. Essentially you can play the game and any other new online slots real money on mobile, desktop, and tablets.